How to make cartoon or movie

How can I make a cartoon well into a drama or movie?

When you make a cartoon into a drama, you have to keep in mind that the personality of the cartoon has already been dramatized, and you have to be prepared to move it properly. Just drop in the trivial idea of ​​paying royalties by using just a triangular structure. If you can make a funny drama that makes a comic book look like a palace, there is also a simple product that does not expand the fun in a drama like a full house. Some dramas allow you to have a glimpse into the world of man cartoons, like the War of Zheng, and some dramas that make you want to file a lawsuit by making misunderstandings about manga like rivals. The problem is that all the cartoons mentioned here are successful. Also, dramas based on the cartoons have been successful. Nevertheless, the level of how much the original work showed its individuality was different, and some of them ignored the original to the extent that it was called'low quality'. It's time for the conscience and intelligence of Heo Heo, Pidi and the scriptwriter.


If there is a cartoon you want to make into a drama.

How fun it would be if Kwon Kyo-jeong's really real! However, it would be difficult for her submissive yet dull characters to be replaced by visualized actors. What kind of actor can you fill in the character of the main character, ‘A girl with an uncle’s feeling?’ Full House's Eliji was a very dry and tall intellectual feeling, but in reality, it was played by Song Hye-kyo, a white-faced king of the breasts, and like Eun-hye Yoon, who was chubby in the palace, but apparently a skinny female protagonist. It seems that Kwon Kyo-jung's manga will face difficulties from casting at the time when it is not possible. Nevertheless, I would be very happy if one of the Kwon Kyo-jung cartoons was dramatized at this point when I wanted to watch a drama that unfolds a trivial daily life.


Mihye Park (Freelance writer)

After graduating from working as a magazine, she has written countless drama articles, and in the meantime, her efforts to debut as a cartoonist (although she was very lazy) did not stop. I went to a cartoon 뉴토끼 (newtoki) reporter and showed him the cartoon I drew and said, “You have to make a lot of money. I have to publish it at my own expense.” Now, I am only focused on watching comics and dramas.


What are some of the best cartoons (or dramas) in Korea and abroad?

The first thing that comes to mind is Taja. It was not recreated in the story of a poorly original work, or a copy of the original work, but recreated with the completeness of the film. I think it's rarely “re-created” among domestic movies or dramas where cartoons are moved. The beauty did not just bring a large setting like a pain, but it properly utilized the original characters and stories, and picked the elements of interest very well. As the best cartoon drama, I would like to pick Damo and Seven Spoons. Damo was dramatic as the development was speedy, and the directing that harmonized action and drama was outstanding. Basically, the original setting was too novel and popular, so it was a very burdensome work, but it was good to focus on the ‘cartoon of a cartoon’. In recent years, the war of Zheng also made well. It's the epitome of a great original-adequate adaptation-nice acting. Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile is also indispensable. The original is also very interesting, but it made the drama so well. Because music is the subject matter, the drama was much better to preserve the feeling of the work.