Nuclear sign and life network rather than satire and humor

Eventually, it was over 10 million. The comedy parade, which started laughing at the beginning of the New Year, was from the guy in me that opened on January 9th. The film earned the title of breaking through the first breakeven point (10.5 million viewers) in 2019 on the 12th of its release. An extreme job that inherited its energy, was named to the 10 million movie club. It was only 15 days after the New Year holidays. Ryu Seung-ryong, who had laughed by picking up “I haven't had this taste before, is it ribs or whole chicken?” Unfortunately, he was also the protagonist of the gift of Room 7, which was the only 10 million comedy before.

The comic race continues from February to March. 'Zombie eating vegetables, bitter rejuvenation', a rustic family of zombies, bizarre family,'Mother's rice, pretending to get married' 'This new concept love story Sunkiss Family and others are the main characters. There are also a lot of comedies who are in full swing.

The obvious characteristic of the recently released comedy films is the ‘Byeongmat’ code. There is no context, no outrageousness, no laughter. It doesn't have to be logical or rational. At least it seems to have been determined to be successful if you pull out'smiling'. It is a catharsis of laughter that comes in unexpectedly, and that is enough. Class B sentiment (which significantly threatens the mainstream), which is no longer despised, and thanks to the public spread of consensus. It is a subversion to the norms established by the mainstream and its social crackdown. It works well with attitudes like'I just like this' and'Will you shut up and turn off?'

This internalized neoliberal thinking has long been spread and strengthened through various SNS. If it's only fun for me, it's okay to be coarse, and I'm so used to it that one movie is just light. This is because the intention to laugh quickly and accurately from the beginning interacted with the desire to laugh quickly and accurately from the beginning. Setae, who puts more emphasis on explicit and direct laughter than effort to analyze and judge, has nothing to do with the prolonged economic downturn. A simple psychology of not wanting to squeeze as much as a laugh, and a convenient decision to want to refrain from complicated things. This is reflected not only in terrestrial and cable, but also in real-world rankings of entertainment, entertainment, and variety of “smiling with a bottle of taste” that has been laid down in both online and mobile.

The impatient laughter tempo fits well with the formality and dissolution of the face, which is now because the content infrastructure that is more focused on “provocative laughter” than the “무료 웹툰” was formed. Comedy recently provides texts that will be very useful for social life such as “dog laughs” and “smiling abs”. Even the suspicion that these films are okay to become the mainstream of the box office seems to be broken. The audience is already coming into contact with the comedy ‘Not Careful’ and responding more enthusiastically to ‘nuclear ins and lifespans’ rather than ‘satire and humor’. At least for now, I don't want to be serious enough to ‘comedy dignity’. Is this bad? No, not really!